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Where You And Your Pet Will Be Treated With The Utmost Care And Respect.

Sinopa Shibas is located in Carbon County, PA but serves training clients nationwide. We offer pet sitting services in Jim Thorpe PA, Lehighton, PA, and Palmerton, PA and also offer in-home canine training and massage in the tristate area of PA, NY, and NJ.

About Me

ABOUT ME, Terri Maher

I am very patient with you and your pets’ needs. Understanding what you are doing when you are training your pet is important. I go at a slow pace with you and the training steps are broken down into little tiny movements to help your dog understand what is expected of him or her.

I am insured and bonded to be in your home. I love your dogs like they were my own which means they will get excellent care whether I am pet sitting or training or giving your dog a massage. Not all trainers feel like that. I consider servicing your pet to be an honor. When you succeed your dog succeeds and so do I. We are in this together. Not all trainers have the same commitment to success.

I chose to train dogs after I had finished my dual college degree in social work and psychology. I had been accepted into Graduate school but after a great deal of soul searching I decided that I would rather combine my desire to help people with my love of dogs and become a professional dog trainer.

“Terri took care of my kennel and reptiles when I went away for 5 days, she took excellent care of my dogs despite one very mischievous dog…I came home to clean kennels and well cared for lizards despite the fact she doesn’t have reptiles she cared for them to my specifications. She becomes emotionally vested in the animals and does take her commitment of their care to heart. It was nice to be able to attend my National Specialty without worry.”


—  Sharon Roble, Center Valley, PA


Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is native to Japan since primitive times. The Shiba that we see today is a culmination of many years of research and selective breeding. In fact, the Shiba Inu faced near extinction due to the perils of World War II. The NIPPO dog club was formed and three distinquished members were given the task of selecting and breeding pure shiba lines to ensure the stability of the breed. In 1934, the breed standard was solidified and in 1937 the Shiba became a natural monument for the Japanese people and is now the National dog of Japan.

The word Shiba can mean different things in the Japanese language. The most common theory is that Shibameansreddish color of the brush in Japan. These dogs ran through the brush to capture their pray. Thus the dog was named for it’s function.

The Shiba can be described using many different adjectivessuchas, independent, aloof and self-reliant. Additionally they can be cat-like, smart, energetic and affectionate. They are innately hunters. I, myself, have seen a Shiba catch a sparrow in mid-air. They also are very good at catching small rodents. The Shiba Inu can perform in competition events such as conformation showing, obedience, and tracking. They are quick and agile but at the same time can be stately and quick gated for the conformation ring.

Shiba Inus can make great house pets. However, choose this breed with careful consideration. They are easily trained but require a large quantity of exercise. Research thoroughly if this breed of dog is for you and your household. A bored Shiba can become a very big problem. You can expect to exercise this dog at least twice daily for a good hour as they do not tire easily. It is recommended to have a fenced in yard for your Shiba. It is not recommended to let your Shiba off-lead due to the hunting nature of the dog. Shbas love to go hiking and make great running partners. So enjoy researching the breed that is correct for you to have in your home. One day maybe you can enjoy the pleasure of a Shiba Inu’s company in your home!

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Our Services


Terri Maher, B.S, B.A., CPDT-KA is a member of the APDT, and NSCA organizations. Shinopa Shibas Dog Training is fully insured and bonded.


We respond to requests within 24 hours.  



Training Sessions

  • Housebreaking

  • Puppy basic and advanced training

  • Fear concerns

  • Aggression (Food, Companion pets, Collar and leash training, Sudden motion reactivity)

  • Anxiety

  • Separation Issues

  • Resource Guarding issues

  • Individual Programs

  • Therapy Dog Training

  • Adolescent Destruction, etc.

Professional Dog Training

Clients are given step-by-step instruction in writing.  Additionally, each client receives a follow up (re-cap letter) to re-enforce what has been discussed in the initial training session or any subsequent sessions.  

Sinopa Shibas Dog Training offers three types of services:


  • Phone consultation only:

    • Check can be mailed ahead to prepay.

  • Two-hour long training sessions in your home within a 20 mile radius of Jim Thorpe

    • Free phone consultations included.

  • Four-hour long training session in your home within a 40 mile radius of Jim Thorpe, PA.

    • Free phone consultations included

  • New York, New Jersey, Delaware clients are billed a negotiated rate depending up on distance and travel expense.  

    • Free phone consultations included.

Repeat sessions are on an as needed basis and depend upon the severity of the problems that need to be resolved.  Sinopa Shibas Dog Training uses only positive reinforcement in our training techniques only. No harsh measures are ever used to persuade your pet to comply with a command, nor is it suggested that any dog owner use aggression toward their pets as training tools.  

Pet Care Tips

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